Our Practice

Dr. Woolf and our staff are committed to providing quality, comprehensive eye care to our patients. It is our goal to offer the latest in treatment and diagnostic modalities. We place strong emphasis on continuing education with the utilization of advanced diagnostic instruments to enhance patient care.

A comprehensive medical eye examination consists of a detailed medical history, including your general health, oral medications and nutritional supplements. Your vision will be checked, the eye lids and lashes, pupils, eye movement and visual fields are evaluated. The conjunctiva, cornea, iris, lens will be evaluated with a slit lamp bio-microscope. The optic nerve, blood vessels, macula and peripheral retinas will be examined after the pupils are dilated with eye drops. Checking the need for glasses is called a refraction. This is often performed with the medical exam, but is frequently not an expense covered by medical insurance. There is usually an additional charge to check for glasses and almost without exception a charge for contact lens evaluation or fitting.

If indicated, after the examination, additional testing may be required. This could include in office corneal topography, corneal pachymetry, formal automated visual field analysis or scan of the retina and optic nerve with ultra high speed, high resolution Optical Coherence Tomography. Woolf Eye and Laser Clinic was the first facilility in the state of Arizona to have a this Fourier Domain technology. Laboratory, X-ray, ultra sound or other testing would be performed off site.

A careful review of your findings and time to answer your questions is always with Dr. Woolf.